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oha hand cream

OHA Bio-Active Skin Care Vitamin C Infused Hand Cream - 4 oz.

OHA Bio-Active Skin Care

Vitamin C Infused Hand Cream - 4 oz.

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The hands are the body's naturally provided tools. We use our hands for just about every task, from opening door handles to driving, writing, cooking, and even greeting friends and colleagues. Because our hands are used so frequently throughout the day, they are also the body part most likely to experience moisture-related problems. If you have dry, cracked, or itchy hands, you can benefit from this OHA hand cream that is infused with natural vitamin C. This helps to improve the immune system while also trapping moisture within the skin of your hands. This OHA hand cream is an incredible buy.
Made in the USA: Bellevue, WA

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Company Details / OHA Bio-Active Skin Care

Skin wants to be clean, calm, and balanced! It looks and feels its most beautiful when gently cleansed, soothed of the stress from everyday life, and simply protected from environmental and chemical pollution.

OHA Skin Care products use Bio-Activity to give skin what it wants! Nature knows what’s best for our skin because nature knows balance. Unlike most “natural” skin care brands, OHA uses whole ingredients with the balancing, healing and regenerative elements of nature left intact. We call this interaction between these organic ingredients and skin, Bio-Activity.

The Bio-Activity of OHA products impart the therapeutic benefits of complete, organic ingredients to the face and body. The result is nourished, glowing skin that radiates health and beauty every day.

OHA products are 100% Natural, include Organic ingredients and are made proudly in the United States. Our ingredients are always vegetarian, often vegan and never include synthetic dyes, scents or perfumes. OHA formulations are cruelty free which means that we only test on willing humans, not animals. We believe in supporting our community, which is why a large portion of our ingredients are provided by local Pacific Northwest farmers and suppliers.

OHA isn’t just skincare, it’s nourishment for your skin!

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