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made in usa chair tables

Sprout Kids Table and 2 Chairs


Kids Table and 2 Chairs


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The Sprout Toys Rocking Chair is an excellent addition to any space. The rocking chair snaps in place in just seconds with no tools needed for the assembly. You can change the colors with the easy swap with other Sprout chairs. The rocking chair can be collapsed in seconds for moving or storage. An excellent rocking chair for any child.
Made in the USA: Provo, UT

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Assembled in the USA.
All (or substantially all) components come from the USA. Learn more.

Company Details / Sprout

Sprout children's furniture is designed to be more than just furniture; it's a medium of creativity, a medium of discovery. The play room or nursery becomes a stimulating environment where kids learn from and explore the world around them. Leonardo da Vinci said 'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.' It is this simplicity that Sprout strives to achieve in its modern kids furniture.

Sprout tool-less furniture is so easy to assemble that it goes together in minutes with no tools and no hardware. Just snap the parts together, and you're done. Because the Sprout line is made of interchangeable modular components, individual parts can be swapped to change the style, or even the function of your furniture. Not only is Sprout kids furniture designed to be simple to use, but it is designed to be simple to manufacture. A Patent Pending joint system is built right into the parts. Our contemporary furniture is eco friendly. Parts are optimized to reduce waste. Parts flat pack to save on shipping costs. Sprout products are made from pre consumer recycled wood, and because Sprout is made in the USA, you are supporting the local economy.

Because our ready to assemble furniture is so easy to set up and take down, it makes moving easy. Collapsible furniture means that you can build it when you need it, and store it when you don't. And it is so compact that you can fit an entire playroom in the back of your car.

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