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Kiss My Face Sports Spray SPF 50, 8 Ounce

Kiss My Face Sports Spray SPF 50, 8 Ounce

Kiss My Face Sports Spray SPF 50, 8 Ounce



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Company Details / Kiss My Face

Absorb this ... at Kiss My Face we believe that nature creates the best ingredients. It's our mission to combine these natural and organic ingredients in body care products that are innovative and uniquely effective to make you look good and feel good from head to toe ... and a few stops in between!

  1. Spray is great.....when it sprays! Review by KatiesGR8

    I have used this sunscreen many times before, though never purchased from Amazon, usually from Specialty stores. Never had a problem with the sprayer. However, I purchased two of these bottle of sunscreen spray on Amazon and we had problems with BOTH spraying mechanisms One of them got completely stuck in the down position. The other is very touchy as to when it will spray. Sometimes it sprays, sometimes it gets stuck. Great sunscreen, bad spray bottle. (Posted on 9/1/13)

  2. Not greasy, absorbs quickly, good scent Review by April_AB

    I am fair skinned with a family history of skin cancer and I have tattoos - I am the ideal customer for sunscreen testing. :) I've tried Neutrogena rub-in cream which seemed to work okay but stained my clothes. I tired a Walgreen's brand, 90 SPF, but the aerosol spray was funky and the sunscreen itself felt greasy. After asking friends for recommendations and reading reviews for this product, I ordered a bottle of Kiss My Face spray. It's awesome. Not greasy, not staining, and smells like coconut. Definitely found the sunscreen I'm sticking with from here on out. (Posted on 8/20/13)

  3. Need a better pump bottle Review by Christine Smiley "Christine"

    I used this product for a 3-day outdoor festival and it delivered as promised. My only complaint is that the pump spray bottle doesn't work well causing aggravation during application. (Posted on 8/8/13)

  4. Love the product, hate the package Review by dsk

    Product is very nice but the spray/nozzle is a pain. It worked well the first few times and now I can only get short small spurts and makes it really inconvenient to use. (Posted on 7/30/13)

  5. Finally a sunblock my husband likes! Review by Natalie Leibensperger

    This sunblock has a great smell and it is not greasy. My husband is hard to please when it comes to sunblock and this won him over right away. (Posted on 7/28/13)

  6. Great product, but spray bottle didn't work at all Review by Sally Sykes Brainard

    Love the sunscreen feel and smell and natural ingredients, but the pump was totally a bust--never worked. :( Will buy again if I can find it cheaper, just in case the pump come broken again & I end up having to pour it into a pump of my own at home. Don't want to pay for a non-functioning pump. Very hard to apply straight out of the bottle. (Posted on 7/22/13)

  7. pump stopped working after first use Review by pjgemini "pjgemini"

    I liked the scent of this and I think it worked okay but two bad things about this. it' completely clear so it's really hard to tell where you've just sprayed and also the pump stopped working the first time we used it. you had to press down then manually pull the pump back up and spray again. it takes forever and since you can't tell where you sprayed because it's clear and dries fast, we ended up missing spots... not good. I love kiss my face products but it should be more like their other spray which I really like a lot. (Posted on 7/20/13)

  8. Smells great Review by NarcWolf

    This is easy to apply and it smells nice. My family is very fair and I can spray this on them on their way out the door and decrease their chances of burning. (Posted on 7/10/13)

  9. Good product, good price Review by busymom

    I have used this lightly scented sunscreen many times, as have members of my family; it goes on as a clear spray that dries quickly. Most importantly, the ingredient list is a friendly one, and you don't have to worry about putting potentially harmful substances on your body. It works well for out door activities, although I am not a swimmer and have never used it for water sports. My only quibble is with the pump, which has become harder to use over time. Otherwise, I recommend this sunscreen. (Posted on 7/7/13)

  10. good product, bad bottle Review by Carol Vesaas

    I like the sunscreen; smells good, works well

    The bottle seriously stinks. I think it worked for maybe the first eight pumps. (Posted on 6/10/13)

  11. Love this stuff Review by Marie Cugini

    Love this sunscreen! Really works and smells so nice. My only complaint is that the spray bottle gets a little sticky, like the top doesn't pop up again very easily after pressing down to spray. But whatever, still great stuff. (Posted on 5/18/13)

  12. Doesn't block the sun! Review by Reviewer

    I wanted to love this product -- I'm really fair skinned and really sensitive to chemicals so I am alwyas looking for a sunscreen that protects but doesn't irritate. Well, this one doesn't irritate me (plus!) but it also doesn't seem to protect me as well from the sun as other products. I've gotten sunburned wearing it (when another product would have prevented it. I seriously doubt the SPF 50... That said, the other reviews are so good, I'll have to try it again (and promise to update the review if it works). (Posted on 4/26/13)

  13. Worked well! Review by Cristin McKee "rhinthell"

    Usually I find spray on sunscreen to not be as effective as the lotion, or that it smells awful, and runs out quickly. But this has a nice coconut smell, it works really well!, and it lasted for an entire week in Costa Rica with reapplication a few times a day. Bear in mind, when I was in the sun, I reapplied about every 40 minutes. But I got not a single sunburn! I used a different product on my face, but for my body this stuff saved me a lot of time and wasn't too greasy either. (Posted on 4/23/13)

  14. Bought it for Coachella, worked great Review by Mister Roboto "MrROBOTO"

    Bought it for coachella worked great. We reapplied like at 3pm, when the first initial application was like 11am-12pm. Don't forget to spray your feet.

    Worked great, lightweight. Paraben-free.

    Will buy in future for active sun-protection lifestyle coverages. :D (Posted on 4/20/13)

  15. The only problem Review by Jackson H

    The one major problem i found with this product is that the pump spray was a pain to apply to large areas and both my wife and I ended up having interestingly placed sunburns. (Posted on 2/16/13)

  16. Great! Review by Carrie L Andersen

    This is the only natural sunscreen I could find in a spray bottle and our family likes it. Works well! (Posted on 1/7/13)

  17. A favorite Review by Holly

    Awesome and safe sunblock! I order 4 bottles at the beginning of each summer. I use this for body only. (Posted on 10/8/12)

  18. The best sun screen ever Review by Nati

    Producer's promise is kept: the spray is not greasy at all and dries in seconds. This is the best sunscreen I've ever tested. It is definitely worth its price. (Posted on 8/23/12)

  19. Spray broke so we can't use Review by liana augustini

    The spray pump broke after one of the first uses. We could open the top and pour in our handed but it's a mess and the sunscreen dries so fast that you can barely get it on in time. This was a waste. (Posted on 8/5/12)

  20. Spray bottle won't last Review by R. Gargantiel "mamimuska"

    I bought this for my girls and after the second day of putting sunscreen on them, the spray bottle broke. So I had to buy those empty spray bottles from CVS to use the rest of it. We all love the light scent of this sunscreen but just be ready to pay another $2 for a new spray bottle. (Posted on 7/29/12)

  21. A good sun screen Review by Margaret I. Eldridge "mieldridge"

    I tried a bunch of natural sunscreen products at once, and this is one of my favorites. The sprayer works well, it goes on clear, and protects well. It stings a bit if I spray it on my face, but that quickly subsides. It does feel a little tacky and looks a bit shiny on the skin, but I don't mind that. If you spray it on with enough coverage, you don't have to rub it in, but be careful not to miss spots if you use it that way. (Posted on 7/27/12)

  22. . Review by Marka Twain

    The only issue is that it's hard to apply. My fingers get tired of having to push the nob multiple times. But that's just the beginning because the more you use it the more it gets stuck and you have to pull it out after each spray. I'm gonna try a different bottle as the product itself isn't bad at all. Smells like coconut and my toddle has never gotten burned (live in AZ).

    Oh, and it's actually sprayable (when the spray works). I mean I bought some sunscreens in spray bottles that are useless as you still have rub the sprayed out drops over your body with you hands as they were more of a thick lotion consistency. (Posted on 7/9/12)

  23. Smells great! Review by Dakota

    I haven't used it much but I have to note that it smells great. Kinda coconutty and tropical. Very pleasant. (Posted on 6/24/12)

  24. Is so so. Review by karakara

    I like the fact that itis a spray, but I dont think it does what it is supposed to do. For spf50 it should be blocking most of the sun but it is not as effective as a spf30 lotion. (Posted on 6/20/12)

  25. Great stuff Review by D. Farrow

    Took this on a trip to Costa Rica.
    Easy to apply, nice coconut smell, and it worked like a charm at keeping us all from burning to a crisp in the sun.
    Will purchase again for sure. (Posted on 6/7/12)

  26. Fantastic sunscreen Review by AnnasMamma

    I absolutely LOVE Kiss my Face sun screen products; they are paraben free, actually free from all bad stuff; all natural, smell great and work great. I think the orange spray bottle is best sunscreen spray bottle on the market. I bought this sports spray because although i love the other KMF products the sun screen would still disintegrate in the water causing my little daughter's eyes to burn. So I bought this spray and I love it! It goes on clear; which feels a little funny at first because you are not entirely sure you are covering all areas, but after a few times you get the hang of it. It goes on clear and stays on clear and doesn't run or get into your eyes no matter how many times you go under water. Overall, they make a fantastic line of products and i am a huge supporter both for me and my family! (Posted on 5/7/12)

  27. Excellent Coverage, Ease of Use and Pleasant Scent Review by N. Yuen

    This SPF 50 sports spray provided excellent Coverage, was very easy to use and also had a light pleasant tropical scent. What really brought this home was that this sunscreen is made from natural ingredients, woo hoo! (Posted on 12/22/11)

  28. Great product! Review by Emily Pitcher

    This is a fantastic spray on sunscreen. Most other spray on sunscreens leave my skin feeling sticky and greasy, but this one sprays on well, and absorbs nicely. It smells like coconut (so if that is not your thing beware). The reasons I like it?

    1. It's cruelty free (no animals testing, no animal derived ingredients)
    2. Biodegradable
    3. Paraben free
    4. No artificial fragrances
    5. No artificial colors

    And, it works well in water. I spend a lot of time in the pool, and I have not had any problems with it washing off too quickly. Just make sure you reapply after about an hour of swimming, as with any other sunscreen.

    All in all, a 5 star product in my opinion. (Posted on 7/17/11)

  29. Great stuff! Review by Lisa M "Lisa"

    I bought this sunblock because my toddler and I are always on the go. She hates to have sunblock applied, so this stuff really comes in handy. It has a wide spray so I can hit her legs, arms and other exposed areas quickly, and it dries almost instantly. I spray some in my hand for face application. It does not have a greasy feel to it at all, and it smells like coconuts! It feels as if you didn't put anything on, but you are protected! It's awesome. No sunburns for neither of us (and I'm very fair)!! Will buy this for now on. (Posted on 7/1/11)


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