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Kiss My Face Lavender Liquid Rock Roll-On Deodorant, 3-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6)

Kiss My Face Lavender Liquid Rock Roll-On Deodorant, 3-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6)

Kiss My Face Lavender Liquid Rock Roll-On Deodorant, 3-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6)



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Absorb this ... at Kiss My Face we believe that nature creates the best ingredients. It's our mission to combine these natural and organic ingredients in body care products that are innovative and uniquely effective to make you look good and feel good from head to toe ... and a few stops in between!

  1. Liquid Despair Review by Thom

    Sure it is free of animal cruelty, so that should make it win at least three stars, however, the dispenser is a plastic ball that rolls around on your armpit. This ball acts like a giant liquid ball point pen, only the ink is cold, runny perfume that smells awful. (Posted on 9/8/13)

  2. works great Review by carmen roman

    if you are someone like me who sweats like a pig, you will need to re apply at least once. smells nice & works great. (Posted on 8/6/13)

  3. It's okay - not outstanding. Review by VCH

    I have been looking for natural deodorant for over a year. This is the third one I tried. Eh. I had to reapply in the middle of the day. Deodomom makes an awesome natural deodorant. I highly recommend that one. (Posted on 7/31/13)

  4. Remember, this is only a deodorant. Review by themom1980

    Perfectly good "deodorant" roll-on. It goes on wet and dries fairly quickly and doesn't stain my clothes. There are times though when I need an antiperspirant. (Posted on 7/11/13)

  5. It works Review by Julie Jones

    I used this deodorant for a year or so and then the store where I was purchasing it stopped carrying I temporarily switched back to the old Dove deodorant I used previously. I immediately noticed that the Liquid Rock had been working better, so ordered more on Amazon. Works great! I would give it 5 stars but I don't like the roll-on application (waiting for it to dry, or blow-drying my armpits -ha ha), and the lavender smell is too musky for me when I first apply it (though when it dries, you can't smell it at all). Good stuff, and no aluminum. The Kiss My Face stick doesn't ward off odor as well. (Posted on 7/9/13)

  6. Best deodorant Review by Rosalinda Delgado "casarosalinda"

    I have been using this product since 1997 in order to stay away from Aluminum. Aluminum is linked to Alzheimers and when my father in law died we decided to look for a product that will protect us from BO without the aluminum. Our family has been aluminum free since then. (Posted on 7/5/13)

  7. Works as expected Review by D. Dickenson

    I am trying to get away from the use of chemicals. I like this enough that I gave one to my pregnant daughter with the hope she will at least try to get away from chemicals while pregnant. (Posted on 5/31/13)

  8. Works but... Review by N. A. Alexander

    I prefer the unscented. I like no-scent coming out from under my arms, so to me the lavender notes that I smell when I raise my arm confuse me. I am never sure it is working like the unscented. I could be because my natural smell does not combine well with lavender or that it does not work as well as the unscented. (Posted on 5/7/13)

  9. I love Liquid Rock Review by Uncle T

    It's 3oz, carry on compliant. Doesn't stain clothes. No nasty ingredients. Unisex scent (if you feel like sharing with your spouse). Half the cost of the health food store price. (Posted on 4/2/13)

  10. works great for me Review by KM

    This deodorant has worked very well for me. My goal was to discontinue using traditional antiperspirants because of the aluminum. I was skeptical but have not experienced any odor using this. It is not an antiperspirant and so you may experience dampness but I have not found the dampness associated with any odor (nor has my husband - and I asked him to be honest!). (Posted on 3/24/13)

  11. Skin rash begone! Review by Spunky

    It took several months for my husband and I to transition to using Kiss My Face Liquid Rock Deodorant, but we would never go back. We did have some body odor for about 3-6 months, but I like to blame that on toxins from our prior deodorant/anti-perspirant needing time to leach out of our bodies. We are both now odor-free and do not suffer froam any of the underarm rashes we would get before. Try it - you'll be glad you did. (Posted on 3/3/13)

  12. only deodorant my husband will use Review by L. Vintilescu

    for some reason, my husband has a topical reaction to everything from Toms of Maine, but this Kiss My Face product provides him with the odor protection he requires, without the aluminum-ingredients in anti-persperant. This one is his favorite and it's hard to find at all grocery stores or Target. (Posted on 2/22/13)

  13. Really terrific deodorant Review by Sonya Jackson

    This was a a great value, and this deodorant lasts all day! A lot of natural deodorants dont work for me, but this was is great, thru workouts, stress, everything. (Posted on 2/19/13)

  14. Stinkiness Review by JenSkim "artist00778751"

    This deodorant is the only "eco friendly" brand that can effectively keep the stink off of me. I hate to rely on the brands with all the tumor-inducing ingredients, so I'm very grateful for Kiss My Face. (Posted on 2/11/13)

  15. Gentle and Effective Review by RevSisRaedorah "RevSisRaedorah"

    This is my first time using this brand. Just as effective as a more expensive version.
    Ordered the six-pack and it came quickly. (Posted on 1/4/13)

  16. Excellent Review by Heather

    After trying so many deodorants after developing a allergy I stumbled on this in a health food store out of town. Has a pleasant scent and lasts all day. The best part no rash. The plus it is much cheaper on Amazon. (Posted on 12/14/12)

  17. Best deodorant! Review by ME

    I have been looking for a more natural deodorant and this is the best, most effective one I've used. Love the lavender smell too. It's a bonus. (Posted on 12/10/12)

  18. Yes, it works great if you use it right. Review by P. Montgomery "aspen_house"

    For me, this is the best deodorant product I've ever used. Keeps me smelling clean even after a hard day's work. But keep in mind that it isn't a cover-up scent, and you'll be disappointed if you use it that way. Apply liberally immediately after toweling off from a shower for all day stink protection. Generally works for 24 hours or more for me. Doesn't help much after you're already smelling bad. Also seems to have a pretty good anti-perspirant effect. Washes off easily in the shower and doesn't feel like like I'm coated in waterproof paint like typical products. (Posted on 10/27/12)

  19. Does not work as well as the other scent Review by I. wornum "i. wornum"

    I tried the patchouli scent roll on first and it worked excellent. You do still sweat but it completely cancelled out any smell. I loved it but the scent often clashed with my perfume, so I decided to try the Lavender. This does not have a scent at all and it doesnt cover up any possible body smell. So, I am now stuck with six bottles of this. Im going to order more of the patchouli and give the lavender away. (Posted on 8/24/12)

  20. Yuck? Review by Maya El-azzazi "DaniasMom"

    I got this product based on other people's reviews. This deodorant actually smells quite disgusting - and doesn't really do anything to keep you from perspiring or neutralizing the odor. The Lavender smells more like sweat so I wouldn't bother ordering this. (Posted on 7/19/12)

  21. Smells like rotten laundry Review by Jessica

    This does a fairly good job at keeping your stink at bay, but this lavender scent smells just like your clothes when you leave them in the washer too long and then put them in the dryer.
    It's kind of funny actually, because every time I would put it on, and then get dressed, I thought it was my shirt that smelled bad.
    They used to have a scent called "summer" that smelled great, and worked well but don't get this lavender scent. (Posted on 6/19/12)

  22. Not completely convinced Review by KPSquared

    I was so disappointed with this product. First of all, all 6 bottles I received looked to be expired from what I could read on the bottom of the bottle. Tried it anyway and (perhaps its because it was expired?) after a few hours I was sweating like crazy, regardless of the season (I've used it for almost a year now on and off). It has a nice smell and it does the trick, but only for a short period of time IMO. I will not purchase again. (Posted on 6/17/12)

  23. Really works on stinky people! Review by Teacher/Business Owner

    I used to get bad B.O. especially in the summer. It smelled like a skunk got ran over or a burning tire. I thought the only answer was strong antiperspirant/deodorant with aluminum in it, but that did not help at all. I decided to try Kiss My Face lavender deodorant, because a friend who had a similar skunk smell problem recommended it. I was skeptical at first, but to my surprise the more natural less chemical stuff works better. I have been using for about a year now and skunk smell has never come back. (Posted on 4/11/12)

  24. Effective and non-irritatind Review by Dorothy

    I've been using this product for years and am happy I can get it for less on Amazon! This keeps me dry and fresh all day without skin-irritating aluminum or heavy scents. (Posted on 1/16/12)

  25. Deodorant Review by K. Bala "KB"

    Great product. Works well. Good protection. Organic and cruelty free. Rash free skin. Would definitely buy it again. The price was pretty decent too. (Posted on 10/10/11)

  26. Hands Down, Best Deodorant! Review by Piper

    For a long time I used an extra strength deodorant that had extra chemicals. It didn't completely eliminate odor and I was concerned about the chemicals, so I decided to go the natural route. I tried a couple different brands (rock, spray, etc...) and they didn't work that well.

    I bought the Kiss My Face brand on a whim and was pleasantly surprised! I didn't really think there would be a difference between brands, but KMF is far and away the winner! Even after a sweaty day of hiking there was no odor! This is a huge change from other brands, both natural and regular. It also doesn't leave anything on clothes and has a pleasant subtle scent (not overpowering at all), which was a real positive change from the chemical deodorant I used to use.

    The only downside is that it does not control wetness. But I figure, aren't we made to sweat for a reason? (Posted on 10/13/10)

  27. I turned to these when Amazon no longer carried 6 packs of unscented Review by kalanamak

    and I'm glad I did. The lavender scent is very mild, and the addition did not irritate my (sensitive) nose or skin. It even seems to work better than the unscented.
    Does not stain clothes. (Posted on 12/4/09)

  28. This stuff really works Review by R. Dowling

    I love this stuff. This is the ONLY natural deodorant that actually works for me. The others didn't work at all, or only worked for an hour or two. Liquid Rock keeps me dry and odor-free for 8-10 hours. The fragrance is mild and not overpowering. I've found that I have to use a lot of it, though. If I put on just one coat of it, it doesn't work. I need to really slather it on. Other than that, this might actually be the perfect deodorant. (Posted on 6/4/09)


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