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Kiss My Face Coconut Moisturizer, 16 Ounce

Kiss My Face Coconut Moisturizer, 16 Ounce

Kiss My Face Coconut Moisturizer, 16 Ounce



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Company Details / Kiss My Face

Absorb this ... at Kiss My Face we believe that nature creates the best ingredients. It's our mission to combine these natural and organic ingredients in body care products that are innovative and uniquely effective to make you look good and feel good from head to toe ... and a few stops in between!

  1. Great basic lotion Review by cs

    This lotion is great. It has a light and unobtrusive (but delicious scent) it absorbs nicely and leaves skin feeling soft and...well...moisturized. I tend to overpay for fancy lotions, so this is a surprisingly good lotion for the price point and an incredible bargain. I have the same feelings about the honey calendula version of this lotion. I think the primary difference between the two is whether you prefer a coconut or honey scent (both are quite light, but lovely). (Posted on 9/12/13)

  2. Perfect lotion Review by CHRISTI

    This is such a great lotion for all over body. Kind of thick but I think that makes it feel all that much better. Highly recommend!!! (Posted on 9/10/13)

  3. It's OK... Review by Martin Stonell

    A good moisturizer from KMF, very heavy coconut scent, and occasionally it gets a bit too much for me. Does the job well though. It can take time to sink into your skin, which may not suit those who need to rush. I don't... (Posted on 9/4/13)

  4. ITS GOOD STUFF Review by knoxxgrim


  5. great lotion Review by jess

    great smell, great lotion, totally worth the price- its become our new choice for body lotion. Purchase this lotion & you won't be sorry (Posted on 7/27/13)

  6. It's ok. Review by KS "KS"

    This is ok. The smell changes pretty quickly from the coconut to general lotion smell. I really just want some lotion that smells like sunscreen, so I guess I should just use sunscreen. (Posted on 7/23/13)

  7. Not what I expected or wanted Review by Vanessa

    I did not care for the absorption. The smell is fine, the consistency is okay, but I don't like how it absorbed or how it left my skin. (Posted on 5/26/13)

  8. Misleading brand. And hard to rub in Review by A. Tang "Angela T"

    I like that the product has mostly natural ingredients, and you can tell as the scent isn't synthetic. However, because of its brand name, i thought it was a facial lotion. But i was wrong. The front label should have said "body lotion" or something because it contains coconut oil, which really clogs pores (unless your skin is very dry or mature)

    As a body lotion, this is very expensive. I will not buy again.

    Also, it is hard to rub in. it leaves this white coat or stuff that you must rub for mins to make disappear I wonder what it is, maybe the coconut water makes it harder to rub in? don't know.

    Edit: Now that i think about it , it's not fair to give a product a lower rating because of its brand name. i change my rating from a three to a two because of its very pleasant scent. Most coconut scented products on the market smell very synthetic and sickening. This one is very yummy smelling. (Posted on 5/24/13)

  9. If you're scent-sitive... Review by B. Hill

    ...this might not be the product for you. The rave reviews and natural ingredients got me so excited, I ordered without first checking the ingredients list. Bad choice, because yup, there it is, right in the middle: the dreaded "fragrance". I've always had an adverse reaction to perfumes, so probably wouldn't have been able to tolerate this lotion, even in the old days - but now, thanks to an anti-cancer medication I'm taking, my sense of smell and sensitivity to chemical scents have become freakishly acute. I occasionally use coconut oil as a moisturizer and love the smell, but the scent of this lotion was clearly created in a test tube. It's so overwhelmingly, cloyingly strong, it actually made me a bit queasy. Really wanted to love it, but alas...into the giveaway pile it'll go. (Posted on 5/20/13)

  10. Great moisturizer Review by Heather Weingarten

    I really like this moisturizer. It has healthy ingredients without any chemicals that can cause hormone issues like the parabens. Goes on a bit white but it will soak in. Nice fragrance also. (Posted on 5/10/13)

  11. Great moisturizer without the grease Review by Reknbal

    I had heard about the name Kiss My Face from a co-worker who loves the soap so I gave the moisturizer a try. After washing my face with soap I always end up with dry skin later in the day so I wanted a moisturizer I could put on my face that didn't feel greasy or uncomfortable.

    With all that said, I've been using the product for a few weeks and I love it. It feels light, has a present but not overwhelming sent, and it absorbs fast. You don't have to use much, little goes a long way. I can feel the product working. It's great for your hands too as I learned right away. It helps alot when I break down cardboard boxes. the boxes like to steal all the moisture from your hands.

    For the price and the amount you get and the quality of the product I can't think of one negative. You should at least give it a try, that's my opinion. (Posted on 5/5/13)

  12. Kiss my face coconut mosterizer Review by Rachael E Anderson

    I chose this rating because it is a wonderful product
    I liked it because it had coconut oil in it
    I would recommend to everyone (Posted on 4/30/13)

  13. Makes you think of being on an island... Review by diannasu

    This is the first time I have used this brand. The smell is terrific and I would definitely try their other scents. The only thing is that you better make sure you have the time to rub it in completely before getting dressed because it does take a little time to sink into the skin. (Posted on 4/22/13)

  14. not much smell to the lotion, no smell after 5 min putting it on Review by Susan Dickey

    again, I was looking for something that has a nice tropical smell to it for the summer, and it has none. it's a very thick lotion and it does go on and absorbe nice (Posted on 4/7/13)

  15. Best moisturizer. Review by A. Blazius "A Blaz"

    The smell is so good - lasts for hours. Great on dry patches - knees and elbows. It spreads really well it has a very silky texture. (Posted on 3/18/13)

  16. Love this moisturizer! Review by Lisanne

    I have dry skin so I have tried quite a few moisturizers over the years. This one does not contain harmful ingredients, it is so silky and creamy to apply, plus it smells so wonderful! The results are great, my skin drinks it up but does not look or feel greasy. I will definitely be ordering more in the future. (Posted on 3/11/13)

  17. Loco for Coco Review by KMFfanatic

    This moisturizer is amazing and the scent is just divine! The smell of it alone makes me feel like I'm on an exotic vacation. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to use natural products. (Posted on 2/25/13)

  18. smells amazing Review by KLC923

    LOVE this moisturizer. It does a great job keeping me moisturized but also smells phenomenal. In the past I have encountered coconut scented products that have a somewhat artificial scent, but this moisturizer proves to smell natural and real. highly recommend (Posted on 2/25/13)

  19. Lightly scented moisturizer for face Review by Penny Cole

    I have a dry face and have been looking for products to help moisturize. I like this product a lot because it has a light scent of coconut and not overbearing. Just one dab does your entire face. It really does absorb into your skin as the label says. (Posted on 2/12/13)

  20. Kiss My Face Coconut Moisturizer Review by H. Dewald "prettyquiet"

    I love this moisturizer. It is not too greasy, and it absorbs well into your skin. It goes on kind of thick and white, but after rubbing it in well, your skin will absorb it. (Posted on 11/9/12)


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