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Kids iPad Case

Kids iPad Case, Cheap iPad case Front Standing

Guided Products

iPad Case Kraft 3 pack

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The best iPad case we've found. It has everything. This cheap iPad case is DURABLE (survived multiple drop tests by a four year-old), fun to customize, looks awesome and is an attention getter at work, at school and in the coffee shop. Did we mention it was the cheapest iPad case we've ever seen!

The iPad case from Guided Products is a great design. You can leave it blank, and keep the iPad case's professional, sleek look. Or you can have your young people customize any way they like to become the best kids iPad case you can imagine.

Made in the USA from recycled cardboard, this cheap ipad case is 100% recyclable, no landfill required and costs a fraction of what other ipad cases do.

Guided Products got it right with this, not just a great kids iPad case, it's fantastic and cheap for students who like to draw, and any-age designers who want to customize their look of their iPad case. This cheap iPad case costs less than any other iPad case on the market.

  • Fits 2nd Generation iPad and later
  • Sold in a 3-Pack for that low price!
  • Recyclable
  • Customizable

iPad case also available in White Cardboard

Designed to last 6-12 weeks, however many people like to swap out more often for new personalization.
Made in the USA: Seattle, WA

Shipping & Returns

Ships from Seattle, WA
Ships in 1-3 business days.
Can be returned in original condition within 30 days.

Manufacturing Details

Assembled in the USA.
All (or substantially all) components come from the USA. Learn more.

Company Details / Guided Products

Guided Products is a Seattle-based company developing responsible products right here in the USA. There was a time when you would walk the isles of retail stores and find the leading products were all made in the USA. However, since then many of those American brands took advantage of arbitrage opportunities and moved production overseas.

Guided Products fights back by making sure consumers have the opportunity to purchase responsible products on the same shelf and the same price as conventional alternatives. From binders to <a href="">iPad cases</a>, their products look and feel different, but are priced the same.

  1. Kids LOVE this thing - so do I Review by Brant

    I've been using this product for four weeks on my iPad 3 (or whatever Apple calls it now). My four year old was STOKED that he could decorate it with his crayons and pens...and I loved bringing it out in meetings and being reminded of him. It also got a great reaction from other people in the meetings and brought a level of rapport with others in the room.

    We've dropped it a few times (like four) and the case holds up incredibly well. Better than many cases I've had that cost 10x as much.

    It's a GREAT case if you have kids, but still want a professional looking case you can take to meetings and on the road.

    I LOVE that I can just recycle this one without guilt anytime, and put another one on. My son will love that too! (Posted on 4/2/13)


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