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healthmate junior filter

Austin Air Healthmate Junior Filter

Austin Air

Healthmate Junior Filter

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The Austin Air Junior Filter is a replacement filter used in the Healthmate Junior air purifier. This replacement filter offers the best protection from air born allergens and environmental contaminants. The Healthmate Junior filter is slightly smaller in size to fit into the Healthmate Jr. air purifier. This particular HEPA filter is surrounded by a zeolite and carbon filter, which helps the filter to absorb the smallest particles. It can also remove viruses and bacteria to improve air quality. The replacement filter can eliminate dust, pollen, dirt, smoke and violate organic compounds or VOCs. This highly efficient HEPA filter can remove 99.97% of 0.3 micron sized particles and 95% of 0.1 micron sized particles from the air. Available in black or white. Made in USA.
Made in the USA: Buffalo, NY

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Company Details / Austin Air

Premium Healthmate air purifiers by Austin Air pair heart with scientific innovation, conceived when the company's president set-out to improve what countless doctors and specialists could not – his wife's quality of life.


Like many others, Joyce suffered from respiratory difficulties since childhood. An endless array of physicians, medications and dietary changes could not alleviate years of debilitating conditions. But their frustration ceased when they realized that it was the air she was breathing that was contaminated.

Drawing upon technology already trusted in leading medical facilities, the company reproduced the only environment where Joyce felt symptomatic relief, the hospital clean room. Using True Medical HEPA surrounded by Activated Carbon, a filter was designed to specifically target those issues related to environmental particulate contamination and chemical toxicity. Within just one week, Joyce was finally sleeping undisturbed through the night.

Today, Austin Air remains the original maker of high-end filtration systems and has the largest air cleaner manufacturing facility in the world, at 480,000 square feet. The company is proud to manufacture everything in-house, from filter to metal forming and final product paint.

Austin Air's superior Healthmate is now the air cleaner of choice by physicians and specialists both nationwide and abroad. In fact, this very minute, Austin Air purifiers are hard at work cleaning homes, offices and industrial complexes around the globe.

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