Mayron’s Goods: The Story of an American Skincare Brand



Mayron’s Goods is a story of versatility and new beginnings, and also good news for your skin and your baby’s.

You may remember Melanie Mayron from the 90′s TV show thirtysomething.

But Melanie didn’t let her career stop with thirtysomething, she identified a need and started a business. But unlike a lot of businesses, her goal wasn’t just to make money, her goal was to make a product that filled a need. And thanks to a  family member , she was able to give what’s now Mayron’s Goods its start.

Melanie wasn’t satisfied with the way the products she found on the market did their job. She wanted something better. It turns out Melanie’s dad is a pharmaceutical chemist who had the know-how to create a really good safe and effective skin care product.

Why it’s good
Mayron’s Goods are natural and organic. They smell great, feel great and work great, but they’re also super safe. Everything they make is full of natural an organic ingredients you can recognize and names you can pronounce. You’ll find things like Tangerine Oil, or Aloe Vera or Shea Butter. Don’t you feel better when you know what you’re putting on your skin or your baby’s?

lunchpail-1When you grab a package of Mayron’s Goods diaper cream, you may feel like you’re grabbing something from the 1950′s, but you know, in a good way. The throwback look of Mayron’s Goods packaging takes you back to when things were more natural, before chemicals seemed to be the answer to everything.

Mayron’s Goods has a cool story and looks great, but the proof is in the products, so give it a try. See if you and your babies love it as much as we do.