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alpaca fiber filled pillow

Malpaca® American Pillow, Alpaca fiber filled pillow - MEDIUM FILL


American Pillow, Alpaca fiber filled pillow - MEDIUM FILL


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Insomnia is a real problem for many adults. Studies have shown that one of the leading causes of insomnia is a pillow that just isn't comfortable enough to promote rest and relaxation. If your pillow is made of an allergenic material, like goose feathers, that might also contribute to your sleeplessness. This Alpaca fiber filled pillow, manufactured by the alpaca specialists at Malpaca®, is a soft and luxurious cushion for your exhausted head. You'll fall back into this Alpaca fiber filled pillow with ease, and you'll be amazed at how dramatically it transforms your quality of sleep throughout the night.

More about Malpaca® Fills
Malpaca® Light fill pillows are great for young children or for adults who prefer flatter pillows.
Medium fill pillows work for almost everyone, and are a great choice for the average sleeper.
Full fill pillows offer the maximum support for those who prefer more elevation.
Made in the USA: Highland Ranch, CO

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Assembled in the USA.
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Company Details / Malpaca

As a registered licensed Interior Designer for 25 years, and owner of her own business, Mary Anderle, the Founder of Malpaca has designed and manufactured 100% all natural pillows, using organic thread, fabric and labels. No expense has been spared in quality to create and make this product that is naturally hypo-allergenic, eco friendly, anti-bacterial, contains no harmful toxins, and naturally fire and dust mite resistant.

After years of working with furniture and researching the affects of insecticides and fire retardants contained in bedding and other household furniture and fabrics, Mary Anderle created the Malpacapillow as a safe alternative. These are 100% U.S. natural alpaca wool products. Apple Pie is proud to sell Mary's entire line of products in four sizes and three optional fills.

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