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Apple Pie

Apple Pie is the best way to shop for American products. We are passionate about promoting American brands and the jobs they create.

The popular perception of the label "Made in the USA" has evolved since WWII. For a time, it was the standard by which product quality was measured. For decades, that stayed the case; then, for decades, it wasn't. Once again, the craftsmanship, capital and effort are returning to the manufacturing base in America. Apple Pie is here to help.

Amazing things are made in America. Unique, hand-crafted, designer items all the way to great toilet paper. We plan to carry as many of them as we can. Count on us not only for daily essentials like dog beds, dish soap, american nail polish and kids water bottles, but also to surprise you with unique discoveries such as the Leatherhead Sports balls.

Regardless of your political favor, we can all agree that a stronger American manufacturing base is good for the country. Thanks for spending with us, knowing your dollars will go directly to employ more US workers.

Based in California, Apple Pie is the best way to shop for American products. We are on an impassioned effort to find great American products and the people who want to buy them, then bringing all of it to one place.